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Glenfield Associates have been providing 'best value' quality technical support services and carrying out electrical inspections for building facilities managers throughout the east midlands since 1997. Regular clients include County Councils, Local Authorities, Independent Schools, Universities, Corporate Companies, Landlords and private home buyers.

Inspecting 'Live' Electrical Installations is a very responsible, hazardous and demanding occupation, it should only be undertaken by competent and experienced electrical engineers who are able to minimise any potential hazard!

An often overlooked but essential element of the inspection process is the communication skills needed to interact and negotiate with occupants of the property, this is necessary to gain their consent for testing and to help minimise disruption to the site, the inspector also needs to be able to produce clear and concise reports to convey the findings of the inspection to the client.

The National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contractors claim to receive more complaints about the inadequate and poor quality of periodic electrical inspections than any other aspect of the electrical contracting (installation) business, and inexperienced contractors are a major concern!

Our own inspection report format  is being continually improved and developed to provide a comprehensive and valuable document to chart the full extent of the electrical installation. It's modular design allows clients to opt or reject elements to suit their own particular needs. In addition to our quality report document we also include a laminated distribution network diagram & updated laminated distribution board circuit charts.

Our Policy of Openness - We always provide a detailed specification and fixed price quotation - these can be altered or changed upon request.

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